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How the brass surface is to be serviced

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How the brass surface is to be serviced

The demand for the appearance of brass pipes should always be discussed and summarized, and the ability to handle the disposal of brass pipes. We can use solvents, emulsions to sort out the steel, with it to the above dust, oil and other things removed, but these things can not use the above rusty material, oxide to remove, so they are in the anti-corrosion only Can play a supporting role. We can use the wire brush these things in the above polished, the above rust and other substances to be removed.

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Today, some of the brass tube related to many of the professional have been carried out, especially as electricity, marine industry and other professional development, so that high-precision brass pipe has a greater space for development. Brass tube has a very good copy of the corrosion to break the ability, but if the force is too big, or exposure to some of the material to corrupt the time, there will be corrosion cracking situation carried out. There have been condensate air pumping area brass tube off the situation of the attack, and some copper tube by a relatively large tensile stress, and in the air pumping area there are more ammonia content, after a certain moment after , Stress corrosion more and more severe, and ultimately let the brass off hungry. In the past few years, in the use of the condenser copper tube eddy current view also found some copper tube side showed cracks, in this side there are many in the empty pumping area of brass, cracks are generally sideways , But there are some of the vertical, and some cracks are very small, very difficult to find in the view, the formation of unnecessary damage. Condenser equipment in the absence of time, because there is water inside, and brass tube and empty cut is directly in contact with the equipment in the disabled when the corrosion can be greatly stronger than the time of operation of the corrosive ability. If it is not used for more than three days, then the inside of the water should be clean, let it copper door, stick dry; if you stop using a very short period of time, let the pump to continue to operate, to prevent the suspended solids in the sinking , Descending the ability of the condenser to be corroded. After the condenser equipment to view, know the operation of the equipment, the standard records, with the right way to use the curing condenser brass tube.

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