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Taicang City Jinxin Copper Tube Co., Ltd.

Taicang City Jinxin Copper Tube Co., Ltd.

TEL: 86-512-53452306

FAX: 86-512-53455615



Email:[email protected]

Website: cxhubei.com

Address: No.9, Shanhe Road,                 Ludu Town, Taicang                 City, Jiangsu Province

Jinxin company was established in 1997. The total occupies 60,000 square meters, owns Suzhou Shou Li, Hong Nan bronze, Run Xin Hardware and other investment companies. The total number of employees 328 people, college and above engineering and technical personnel 28 people, 22 patents, non-patented technology 38. Enterprises have imported and self-research professional production line 5, the main products covering automobile manufacturing, building sanitary, electrical appliances, marine ships, machinery and equipment, and other fields. Short-term manufacturing technology in 2012 was recognized by the Ministry of Industry for the national technical transformation special. Over the years the enterprise won the provincial high-provincial, provincial famous brand, the provincial export brand, the EU registered trademarks and many other honors. By the Japanese Toyota and many other multinational groups as a long-term strategic partner.

The new plant completed and put into operation Jinxin enterprises, three years target: over 200 million in assets, sales of over 1 billion, the output of 20,000 tons, exports over 50 million US dollars, profits and taxes 48 million.

Taicang City Jinxin Copper Tube Co., Ltd.